Marble tile getting darker | Why does white marble turn yellow | Causes and cures

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One of the most common problems experienced by professional tile and stone tillers is the discoloration of floors in Carrara marble showers.

On many forums and on many social networks, you can find photographs when dark spots can be found on a white or light stone.

Many people simply do not understand what causes this problem, how to deal with it, which forces them to abandon white marble as a way to decorate wet rooms. Many people blame the stone for being too low quality or inappropriate mineral composition. As a result, such people agree that the material is not suitable for installation on the floor in showers.

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However, in fact, you should not be so categorical about this material. It can be an excellent solution, you just need to follow the rules of a certain operation, and also treat it with care.

In most cases, people’s claims arise after their own negligent exploitation.

Honed white carrara marble darkened in strange way

Does marble tile absorb water?

It should be understood here that marble tiles, which are insensitive to water, can darken due to the fact that they absorb the care products or hair styling products.

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Water can also cause browning. It’s actually simple, all darkening is caused by the accumulation of water in the pores of the marble, which acts as a reservoir and retains water. All stains on marble tiles are temporary and will disappear as soon as the water evaporates.

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In the course of the study, it was possible to identify the main methods, the use of which allows ensuring the maximum safety of the tile and protecting it from darkening after getting wet. Try each one to solve your problem.

Main methods safety of the tile and protecting it from darkening

Method 1. Using a dry solution shower tray.

Such a design of the shower system provides a solution to the main problem — high-quality water drainage, both external and internal. As a result, marble tiles stop darkening.

Method 2. Glued waterproof membrane pan with epoxy glue and grout.

Through research, tilers found that the membrane tray technique also provides excellent predictability and performance when used with a translucent marble-like stone. The only condition is a correct installation using a quality epoxy mortar and impregnating sealant.

If the first technique provided high-quality drainage of liquid, then this method gives the surface water-repellent properties with practically waterproof seams. This avoids the darkening of the marble when wet.

Methods for installing Carrara marble on top of a glued membrane or shower waterproofing material

Tile installers research results demonstrate that light marble remains an effective shower material when used in conjunction with a membrane floor when bonded with epoxy adhesive.

Causes of the yellowness of marble and cures

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White marble is a very beautiful decorative element. It is very unpleasant when it begins to lose its color and turn yellow.

However, do not worry, this is a fairly common problem that is provoked by many reasons. In the most severe cases, the tiles may even turn brown. Of course, the first reason that comes to mind is flooding, but this is not the only potential factor that caused the yellowness.

1. The most common reason is misuse.

Like any material, marble wears out. The upper protective layers are erased, the ideal smooth surface is lost. As a result, pores are formed in which dirt can accumulate. Over time, this dirt will turn your tiles yellow.
However, very often yellowness appears due to the negligence of those who follow the tiles.

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Many times we have seen cases of people washing white tiles with the same mop they use to clean the kitchen or toilet. It is unacceptable.
Special attention should be paid to the fact that when cleaning white tiles, you should use special cleaning agents with an enhanced effect. This will preserve the white color and also maximize the service life.

Decision. If you eventually find that poor care or the use of substandard materials is the cause of the yellowness, then you can get rid of the yellowness with a couple of cleanings using strong cleaners.

The solution to this problem is an alkaline oxidizing agent. He will quickly remove all yellowness. The main thing is not to purchase an acidic reagent, as it will aggravate the situation.
The easiest way to solve the problem is to contact a cleaning company. A team of specialists will quickly and reliably fix the problem that has arisen.

2. Other causes of yellowness or darkening include the outer coating of the marble.

One of the most common problems is the poor quality protective coating of marble. It wears off very quickly or begins to absorb dirt, which affects the appearance of the tile.

That is, the coating also requires constant cleaning in order to prevent yellowing.

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It is worth noting here that several layers of protection should not be applied, as this will only speed up the pollution process.

You should remember that polishing should not be carried out if the tile is not dry. Violation of this rule will significantly reduce its service life, lead to the appearance of yellowness and dirt.

You can get rid of the yellowness of the protective coating with a special cleaning procedure, which is carried out by professional cleaning services. It is not recommended to carry out this operation on your own, since the tile can be damaged.

It is also worth noting that special cleaning agents are suitable to combat recrystallization. Several treatments with their use will help restore the appearance.

3.  Another common cause is iron oxides in marble.

This is the worst option, because often cleaning in such situations does not help, and you have to completely change the tile. In order to determine whether the problem really lies in the hardware, you should call a special team of experts who will carry out a comparative analysis of the indicators and give a verdict. They can also do the cleaning if possible. It will be extremely problematic to deal with iron oxides on your own since with a high probability you will simply damage the tile even more, which will make its operation impossible. However, you can still use the following tips.

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How to remove yellowness due to iron?

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You will need to purchase a special cleaning product from the store.
Stir this solution, then apply it to the tile and leave for several hours. During this time, the solution must not be allowed to dry.

Excess solution after a few hours must be removed with a damp vacuum cleaner, after which everything must be rinsed again.
You should be prepared for the need for re-polishing.

A set of tips for keeping marble tiles on the floor in the shower

  1. Seal it every 6 months.
  2. Perform weekly cleaning;
  3. Make natural poultices to remove stains.

If you look at some more tips, then we would recommend installing polished marble. Polished marble is not so susceptible to dirt and baiting, which means that it will retain its presentable appearance much longer.

You should also pay attention to the chemicals used. The most natural remedies should be used, which will not cause serious damage to the tiles. Some harsh chemicals can accelerate the deterioration of the protective layer of the tile. An option is not excluded, due to which additional deposits will form, giving the white marble a yellow color. Try to be attentive, as early detection of a problem allows you to solve it extremely quickly.

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So, if you followed all the tips and tricks described in this material, then you probably managed to keep your tiles white, which means that you were able to get a beautiful, cool and durable material that caresses the eyes of every person.